There is a plethora of information on the internet, to narrow this down, this web page is designed to assist with:

  • helping your child to learn at home.
  • tips on how to promote effective home learning
  • troubleshooting guidance for Google Classroom.
  • Press here for recommended online resources

Whilst online learning cannot replace education at school, it is being used as part of our continued provision for pupils’ education at this time.  Please press here to read Beam’s remote education provision for your child. 

Google Classroom

The purpose of Google Classroom is to ensure that your child’s activities match our curriculum.

Research (EEF) has shown that when your child’s teacher explains a new idea in a pre-recorded video, they are able to build clearly on their pupils’ prior learning and this will improve the quality of remote learning – your class teacher will do this via Google Classroom.

Not all families have a computer; nevertheless, these resources can still be accessed online via a mobile phone or other electronic devices that use WiFi.  Accordingly, please refer to your child’s year group page for more detailed curriculum information and to discover some of the fun educational activities that our families have created!

Enjoy this time as a family and create memorable experiences.

Tools to help your child think and talk about the world around them.  Adapted from the EEF guidance report, Preparing for Literacy.

7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home

Reading Tips on How to Support Your Child (TRUST)

How to use Talk to Promote Learning (TRUST)

Google Classroom:  How to hand in your work

Google Classroom:  How to login if another account is logged in

Google Classroom:  Year 5 and 6 only – how to login and join your maths class

Information for your Meet VE Day party

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, there will be year group parties held via Meet (on Google Classroom) throughout week beginning 4th May.

Please look at the video on how to access the Meet.
Further details will be given by your child’s individual teachers via Google Classroom, including the access code.
The schedule for the parties next week are as follows:
Nursery – Tuesday at 10am
Reception – Thursday at 10am
Year 1 – Wednesday at 1:30pm
Year 2 – Thursday at 1:30pm
Year 3 –  Wednesday at 11:30am
Year 4 – Tuesday at 10:30am
Year 5 – Thursday at 11:30pm
Year 6 – Thursday at 1:30pm

The party will help engage the pupils in this momentous event that is such a prominent part of British history.

We look forward to seeing your children taking part.

You are invited to take part in the VE Silence in whatever way you feel appropriate – be that standing at your window, stepping outside your home whilst remaining distanced from others, or taking the opportunity for a quiet moment of reflection.

Following the Silence there is a VE Day livestream, where those who served and sacrificed during the Second World War will share stories and memories,  hosted by TV presenter Sonali Shah, the programme will feature contributions from social historian Julie Summers and cook and influencer Melissa Helmsley. The stream will be live from 11:15am on the British Legion website.

You could also join in with the celebration and thanksgiving by taking part in a UK-wide rendition of Dame Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ at 9pm. BBC One will feature the singalong as part of its VE Day 75 evening broadcast.

Please visit the British Legion as there is a special downloadable learning pack for children aged 7-14, and further information on how to get involved.