This is your exciting maths area to help you.

Beam has paid for this fantastic resource so that your child can access it at home for free.  Your child’s login is in their home/school diary.

Below are three sample question from a year’s Junior Maths Challenge, which some of our gifted mathematicians attend every year:

  • Which of the following has the same remainder when it is divided by 2 as when it is divided by 3?

A 3                  B 5                  C 7                  D 9                  E 1

  • How many of the four Knaves were telling the truth?
    • Knave of Hearts: “I stole the tarts.”
    • Knave of Clubs: ‘The Knave of Hearts is lying.”
    • Knave of Diamonds: “The Knave of Clubs is lying.”
    • Knave of Spades: “Knave of Diamonds is lying.”

A 1                  B 2                  C 3                  D 4                  E more info needed

  • A palindromic number is a number that reads the same when the order of its digits is reversed. What is the difference between the largest and the smallest five-digit palindromic numbers that are both multiples of 45?

A 9180           B 9090           C 9000                       D 8910           E 8190