The role of a subject coordinator is vast, key responsibilities include:

  • Considering the three strands of intent, implementation, and impact;
  • Attending relevant continuing professional development (CPD) courses to keep up to date with the latest curriculum changes;
  • To disseminate and share information with the wider team;
  • Encouraging parents to get more involved and engaging parents when necessary;
  • Liaising with the senior leadership team (SLT) to look at data, such as progress and expectations data, and ensure that progress is on track.
Role Name
English Mrs. Hood, Mr. Wilson, Miss Mason
English wave 2 Project X lead – Mrs. Barratt
Mathematics Mr. Rusirevi
Mathematics  wave 2 Numbers count lead – Mrs. McGrath
Science Mr. Endacott
RE Mrs. Kryeziu
Philosophy Mrs. Kryeziu and Mrs. McKenzie
PHSE Mrs. McKenzie
SRE Mrs. McKenzie
French Mrs. Cook
Music Mrs. Cook
History & Geography Miss Marcuccilli
Computing Miss Thomas
Art & DT Mr. Meckiff
PE Mr. Hoyte