• It is important to remember that COVID-19 has been in existence for a few months and the scientific data is not completely robust and is changing as the scientific community finds out more about the virus.
  • However, current, DfE guidance is based on the following scientific principles:
    • The rate of transmission of the virus is very low between children; especially children under the age of 6.
    • Children are less likely to pass the virus from one child to another child or a child to an adult.
    • Adults are more likely to pass the virus to other adults and this will need to be factored into the planning.
    • It is thought to take at least 15 minutes of close contact with an infected person for the virus to pass to another person.
    • The virus can last for up to 6 days on some surfaces.  Additional cleaning is essential to ensure that any places in which the virus can live are significantly reduced.
  • When planning for the re-opening of our school, safety planning will be based on the current and changing scientific principles and will be under constant review.

At Beam our four key areas are: 

  1. personal hygiene, 
  2. targeted cleaning, 
  3. sustained physical distancing and 
  4. limited social mixing.