We have identified the core elements of culture:

1.Performance – dance, art, drama, and music
2.Language -, dialogic pedagogy, English as an Additional Language (EAL)
3.Community – Self, local and global

Whilst written in 2013, we still firmly believe that,

‘The arts are the highest form of human achievement. Through art we not only make sense of ourselves and the world, we also make our lives enchanted. Art allows us to celebrate our common humanity and communicate across boundaries. Artistic endeavour marks us out from the rest of nature as creators and celebrators of beauty. ‘Cultural Education,

Foreword by the RtHon Michael Gove MP and Ed Vaizey MP, A summary of programmes and opportunities, July 2013

The extent that our curriculum goes beyond the academic, vocational or technical.

  • Importance of global citizenship being representative of the community we serve through our culturally inclusive partnership with Beam school in Ghana.
  • We teach Latin to prepare pupils for scientific, legal or medical careers and to deepen language etymology.
  • All pupils in KS2 are encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument. This is free of charge to all pupils. Free group instrumental and choir tuition is ongoing as an after school club.   All disadvantaged pupils and SEND pupils have access to instrumental tuition.
  • A specialist specific curriculum is offered to all complex pupils who are non-verbal and have low cognition. Music therapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and sensory integration are available to support. Beam County Primary School is fully inclusive.
  • Specialist teaching is offered in Music, PE, and Art.
  • Ongoing visits to museums, galleries and places of interest to support curriculum study.
  • Outside agencies and specialist delivering presentations in school to support the curriculum.
  • Outside safeguarding agencies working with the school to promote keeping safe in the community eg. knife crime, drugs, gangs.
  • Ongoing partnership with professional actors to strengthen drama, oracy and performance.
  • Ongoing partnership with local artists to support creativity and art installation.
  • Ongoing partnership with community links to film and music production for our pupils.