We take music at Beam very seriously as it plays a big part in our children’s education. We have many musical events happening throughout the school year where visiting bands and musicians often come to perform. The children are given opportunities to join in with playing the instruments and learning new songs.

Each week we have musicians come to teach at our school. In year 5 we are involved in the Wider Opportunities programme. This exciting programme involves the whole class and is a music lesson which includes learning a musical instrument. After the programme has ended the pupils have the opportunity to continue learning the instrument in year 6 through instrumental and vocal lessons given by the Wider Opportunities teachers.

Year 4 are also very fortunate to have General Musicianship lessons where specialist music teachers from the borough teach whole class music lessons. Children will learn how to read basic music and play a variety of musical instruments. The children particularly enjoy learning new songs and rhythms taught.

Years 2 and 3 have the opportunity to learn the Ocarina in music lessons led by Mrs Navarro our music co-ordinator in school. During these lessons the children learn how to sing, clap the rhythms and play a whole range of pieces. They are given the opportunity to perform in front of their class mates and other children in the school. There is an Ocarina orchestra in school also led by our music co-ordinator where the children can play together and practice performing for assemblies.

Year 1 take part in Musicianship lessons with Mrs Navarro our music co-ordinator where the children learn to develop their inner hearing through singing and movement. They really enjoy learning the songs and having opportunities to perform in front of their class mates.

We are very proud of our choir at Beam. We always perform in school events such as the Christmas and June Fayre. The choir attend Young Voices each year at the O2 arena where they enjoy performing as part of a mass schools choir. They are working very hard to learn the new songs for the big performance.