We would like to wish you a very warm welcome to Beam County Primary School. The Reception children have settled in brilliantly to life at ‘big school’, and are enjoying staying all day. We have been focussing on establishing relationships with all the children and to encourage and support them in making new friends within the cohort. The children’s well-being and involvement is our upmost priority at this time and this is developed through the play based curriculum we use to support the children in their learning. The children have been learning to use the areas of the classrooms and the outdoor area in order to develop all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We are looking forward to an enriched year of exciting learning with the children.

A great start to the year!

Home Learning

It has been lovely to see the children having fun at home whilst the country adjusts to this unprecedented time. Many of the Reception children have been accessing learning activities set by their teacher on Bug Club, Maths Factor, Spelling Shed, and Google Classroom and it is a joy to see their photos they have sent via their EExAT account (each child in the EYFS has an account on EExAT- see the back of your child’s planner). 

It is pleasing to see a range of activities the children have been exploring such as PE with Joe Wicks, arts and crafts, gardening, baking and even hatching butterflies!

Keep up the great learning and sending in your photos, we love seeing what you are exploring!

Work Week- People who help us in school

March 2020

During ‘Work Week’ we were learning about the different job roles people have within our school community. We interviewed our caretaker Mr. Knight and went litter picking around the school grounds to experience some of the work Mr. Knight does. We also visited the school kitchen to make biscuits for the lunchtime dessert with Mrs. Bell the Head Cook. We visited Mrs. Barrett in the office to observe what jobs she does in the office. 

During the week we made our own ID badges, made our own computers and devices from upcycling resources, wrote about what we liked about our teacher, and explored using money to pay for items. 

All the children thoroughly enjoyed going to work for the week!

Maths- Spring Term 2020

We are super Mathematicians! 

This term we have been learning about; doubling and halving a number, money, measuring objects using non-standard units, 2D and 3D shapes, and sharing between equal groups. 

We are able to count in our 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and enjoy learning this by singing a range of songs. 

We teach math concepts through a practical approach first to allow the children time to explore the method and reasoning. We then progress on to a more abstract process such as questioning and challenges to assess their knowledge and understanding. 

The children count, recognise, sequence numbers daily to develop secure place value. Children need to have this exploration period in order to become secure mathematicians as they move through the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and 2. 

Land Art- Spring Term 2020

We have been learning about the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We explored what natural materials were and how Andy uses them to create pieces of art and sculpture. We gathered natural resources from our Eco Area to create our own artwork. We worked collaboratively in groups to share our ideas and explore making our own creations. 

P.E uniform

All children are required to have a P.E uniform which stays in school and will be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed.

•Black shorts
•Plain white T-shirt
•Plimsolls for PE,
•Bags with the school logo are available for £4.00


Reception Lunchtime

The children are starting to settle into Reception and are slowly getting used to our dinner hall.

With at least two options to choose from every day, the children are learning how to eat sensibly using a knife and fork and sitting amongst their new friends.

Please can we remind you that there is to be no chocolate, fizzy drinks or products that contain nuts.


The children have now started their full days at school and are enjoying ‘creating their lifelong love of learning‘ here at Beam County Primary School.

The children are displaying good levels of involvement whilst exploring their new classroom and the outdoor area. They have made new friends, and are adapting well to the new change in their routine.

During the next 6 weeks the children will be observed in their play in order for teachers to plan linked to the children’s interests and in order to develop their next steps in learning.

We will be focussing on helping the children to understand what makes them unique and special. We will be teaching name writing, drawing portraits and discussing about family life. Please feel free to send in family photos or photos of the children when they were a baby (ensure you label all photos with your child’s name please).

Please feel free to speak to a member of the team if you have any questions!


We are learning to recognise numbers 0 to 10. We are using our knowledge of numbers to sequence numerals in order and to count objects from a larger set to make a given set. We are improving our ability to count one object at a time and recount our answers to check we have got it right!

Why don’t you go on a number hunt around your local area to investigate which numbers you can find!


Early Years: 1 hour per week Sharing books, progressing to individual reading.20 mins reading and discussion, we would encourage parents to talk with children about current topics from school e.g. mini-beasts, animals, etc.

Curriculum Map

Every academic year each year group produces a Curriculum Map that details what the children will learn.  The Curriculum Map is designed to give as much information as possible about what your child will be learning at school each academic so that they can be supported at home.

Please press here to open the Curriculum Map for Reception.