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Year 4s topic is VOLCANOES

This is Shiloh-Ann’s volcano eruption, she said that it was so much fun! Her family also enjoyed creating their volcano project.
Shiloh-Ann also made a volcano cake. Her family managed it without most of the decorations she wanted; like making trees and animals all around the volcano. She said that the main thing is that it was fun making this and it also tasted yummy!!!
We would love to get that recipe!!

What have the other year 4 pupils created?

Please send your video or picture to your class teacher.

Year 4 trip

Year 4 visited Eastbury Manor House as part of their Tudor topic. The children had the opportunity to learn about Tudor clothing, games, dances, food and their beliefs. The visit allowed the pupils to enrich both their knowledge of the Tudors and the local history of Dagenham.

Curriculum Map

Every academic year each year group produces a Curriculum Map that details what the children will learn.  The Curriculum Map is designed to give as much information as possible about what your child will be learning at school each academic so that they can be supported at home.

Please press here to open the Curriculum Map for year 4.

Multiplication tables check (MTC)

Year 4 children partake in this assessment in the Summer Term

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their timetables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their timetables so that additional support can be provided.

This year’s Stubbers Trip will be from June 1st – 5th. Letters and information will be emailed to you soon. 


Year 4 1.6 hours per week Monday – Spellings received to be tested on the following Friday.

Friday –English (Grammar and comprehension)  – to be returned on Wednesday

  • Mathematics (revision of the week’s learning)  – to be returned on Wednesday

Half termly project related to topic work

Daily – reading and discussion (20 mins – please sign your child’s planner); timetables, spellings

Half termly –  project related to topic work – keep an eye on this page for pictures.

Regular use of Bug Club and Spelling Shed to be encouraged at home.