VE Day – Online Nursery Party

We are currently living through unprecedented times.  However, there was something that was approaching our calendars; a remarkable day to commemorate and celebrate – in May we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

Our vibrant nursery children were invited to an online, ‘VE Day Nursery Party’ on the 4th of May at 10 am, which took place on our virtual Google Classroom.

Prior to the party many of our children coloured and decorated medals, flags, and pictures to show their appreciation of the people who fought for our great United Kingdom!

We also had a dress code for the party – the colours of the Union Jack (red, white or blue). The children enjoyed playing games known from more than 75 years ago, one of them was ‘Spin the bottle’, where the children had to show their good knowledge of number recognition.

Everyone was excited and thrilled to meet their friends, to talk to them, and to share the experience of activities they like to do at home. Their siblings also joined and shared knowledge of VE Day.

Our hearts are filled with joy and love when we look at the photos of our Nursery children! I am certain that you will feel the same when you see them! Enjoy!

From, Mrs. Nikolova and the Nursery Team.

Beam Nursery Online and Home Learning

At Nursery we are pleased of our children’s online learning! They are not only learning, but they are making fond memories with their families while following our fun and interactive activities!

Afrad from our Nursery AM class was inspired from the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. First, he listened to the story via video link and then he read it with the help of his Mum. Together they made paper plate masks and enjoyed role play games at home. They also huffed and puffed bubbles in the garden, imitating the Big Bad Wolf. Amazing work, Afrad!

Alfie from our Nursery AM class has shown a keen interest in gardening. Together with his Mum he repotted several plants in the garden. Alfie also decided to show his appreciation of our fantastic NHS staff through a lovely painting of a rainbow! Well done, Alfie!

Freya from our Nursery PM class loved the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. She read the story with the help of her brother Leon who is in Reception. Together they printed the suggested pictures from Google Classroom and made their own story map. They enjoyed making a puppet show for their parents – the children printed the character paper puppets from Google Classroom, then they cut, coloured and stuck them on lolly sticks. Fantastic work, Freya!

Kayan from our Nursery AM class was really excited to create collages representing the three houses of the pigs. He also made his own large wand and used homemade bubble mixture to huff and puff bubbles in the garden! Excellent work, Kayan!

Aleena from our Nursery AD is very good at counting! She has been practising learning her numbers to 20! She likes to play online games, where she can show her counting skills and where she can place the right numeral with the corresponding set. Great counting, Aleena!

Ayaan from our Nursery AD loves to practise his name writing, reading and spelling CVC words and labelling toys and different objects in the environment. At home he has followed his interests through exploring a variety of books where he enjoys talking about the pictures. Beautiful writing, Ayaan!

Stephanie from our Nursery AD has been learning the vowels in the alphabet with her Mummy. She enjoys to identify gaps in the alphabet in her work book where she can write the vowels she knows. Stephanie, we like your neat letter formation. Keep up the good work!

We are extremely proud of our Nursery children, their skills and their passion for learning. Great job Nursery Beamers!

Mrs. Nikolova and the Nursery Team


To help your child, please watch the following Letters and Sounds videos:

  1.  Handy Guide to online Phonics lessons
  2. Watch clips from three lesson types
  3. Parent and carers guide to pronouncing phonemes
Our love of reading!
The children in the nursery have a passion for stories and rhymes. You will often find them snuggled with a book with their friend or sharing a story with an adult. We encourage reading to children daily as this helps children to develop an extensive range of vocabulary and will support them in becoming independent readers and writers.
We have started our home to school library sessions now where children choose a book of their choice with their keyworker to take home and share with their adult. Please encourage children to look after these books and bring them to nursery on their library day. It is good practice for a child to know a book well, so reading the same book over and over again does have its benefits!

Nursery Applications for September 2020

If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 they are entitled to 15 hours of Nursery funding from the Government. 

We currently have spaces within our excellent nursery for a September 2020 induction. 

We also provide 30hours of childcare for working parents. Please see for terms and conditions and for applications. 

If you would like to register your child or have any further questions, please email

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Where are the dinosaurs?- Spring Term 2020

This term we have been learning all about dinosaurs. The children have been learning the different names of the dinosaurs, their habitats, diet, and facts about each one. 

They made their own large dinosaur egg by covering a balloon in papier mache and then painting it. They worked together with a partner to complete this. 

The children made their own dinosaur bones using salt dough and then became archaeologists to discover them in the sand!

The children enjoyed listening to the story, Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs, and were learning to draw the dinosaurs and their features. 

Children also created their own dinosaurs out of playdough. This was a very interesting theme that the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about. 

Pancake Day- February 2020

We spoke with the children about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent as the countdown to Easter. 

We made pancakes together to learn about the use of instructions and following them in order. 

The children were able to choose their favourite topping and taste their scrummy pancakes! The children are encouraged to develop their self-help skills at nursery and explore using cutlery to spread their topping and cut their pancakes.

The children also explored mixing the ingredients in their play and were writing their own shopping lists of the ingredients they would need!

Mobile Zoo- February 2020

The children were very excited to see the animals that visited Beam from the Mobile Zoo. They got to meet a Blue Tongued Lizard, Tortoise, Bullfrog, Prairie Dogs, a Skunk, a Snake, and a Stick Insect!

The children listened to the zookeepers talk about facts regarding the animal and they got to stroke each of the animals if they wished. The children were in awe of being so close to the animals and were very caring towards them. 

After their visit, the children spoke about their experience and drew pictures of their favourite animals they saw. 

Curriculum Map

Every academic year each year group produces a Curriculum Map that details what the children will learn.  The Curriculum Map is designed to give as much information as possible about what your child will be learning at school each academic so that they can be supported at home.

Please press here to open the Curriculum Map for Nursery. 

Early Years: 1 hour per week Sharing books, progressing to individual reading.20 mins reading and discussion, we would encourage parents to talk with children about current topics from school e.g. mini-beasts, animals, etc.EYFS-Pupil-Premium-Briefing Nursery-Daily-planner-2016