Creating a Lifelong Love of Learning


On behalf of everyone at Beam County Primary School, I am pleased to present this website to you. It will give you an insight into what we can offer you and your child. Whilst the website cannot replace direct personal contact between school and home, it is hoped that it will act as a foundation for good relationships between us.

Parents and carers are the most important influence in their children’s lives and it is they who ensure children come to school with the right attitude to learn. We aim to develop a close partnership with you so that every child in our care has the best possible chance of social and academic success.

In choosing Beam County Primary School, a large vibrant multicultural school, you will be choosing a place where children are valued and cared for, where they are kept safe, healthy and secure and where learning and achieving in a stimulating, fun, and creative environment is high on the agenda.

As a whole school community, we constantly strive for excellence. From our strategic planning to our delivery of the curriculum and the wider curriculum, we constantly aim to be the very best that we can and offer the very best education and care that we can. This is outlined in our Vision Statement.

One way of doing this is through our Strategic Document. This is a planning document covering the school’s long term planning over a period of three or four years. As a part of the planning process, we identify areas (priorities) that we want to develop over a period of time that will enable the school to become even better. Please press here to read this document.

At Beam, you will be part of a school where the expectation to succeed in diverse ways is promoted and where children make a positive contribution to the life of the school community and beyond. More importantly, they enjoy their time here.

I trust that your association with the school will be a long, successful and happy one.

I look forward to you and your family joining our school community.

Miss T Whittington

Welcome back to our Year 6 and Year 1 children who have returned to school, alongside our continuing provision for key worker pupils and pupils of other vulnerable categories.  We have been thrilled to see each other again.

If you continue to stay at home, your work should be sent to the class teacher named in the letter sent to you and your parents this week.

Beam County Primary School has provided care right the way through the COVID period and also supported care during the holidays, with only bank holidays and half-day deep cleaning days of closure. I can report that our safety measures are working well for the regular 98 pupils currently accessing provision.

Contacting your child’s teacher

The application tasks for writing, maths and other work is to be sent via Google Classroom.  If you are having difficulties, press here to be directed to our Google Classroom help section.

  • Teachers will respond with feedback, replies may take up to 3 days.

  • If you need to contact your class teacher, please email them using the year group email address sent to you.

  • Teachers will not respond during evenings, weekends, school holidays, or when they are working in the school.

  • Teachers will use any work, your child emails to assess their learning for this term. We would like to know what your child is working on at home, so if teachers do not receive an email from you or your child they may contact you.

In addition to the above, children will also learn a lot from the following ‘off-line’ activities:

  1. Reading regularly,

  2. Practising number bonds/ timetables

  3. Cooking

  4. Jigsaw puzzles

  5. Board games

  6. Gardening

  7. Discussions regarding programmes watched

Press here to be directed to tips for home learning

Press here to be directed to our recommended online resources

Each year group has its own dedicated page for teaching and learning: